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24 Hour Locksmiths Houston

If you contact 24 Hour Locksmiths Houston, Texas, Harris County at any time, day or night, you will get a real person answering your distress call. We don’t use answering machines. We have a calling center that handles all our customer’s inquiries and coordinates our field personnel to make sure that the client’s problem is solved adequately.
One of the common calls we get is about rekeying locks for residents in need of increasing the safety and security of their homes. We have an experienced team of locksmiths. They know just about all there is about increasing your security affordably.
In addition to changing your lock cylinder in order to change the keys to your home, we also install new locks. This service is a step above re key and costs a little more, but provides you with maximum protection. We have a wide range of powerful locks that we can install for you.
In case your home key is missing and you want to replace lost car keys, we will provide you with a replacement within minutes. Our locksmiths have high quality parts that they can use on the road to cut you new ones. Your home will not only be secure after this, but old keys will be null and void. Our services are available in the following Zip Codes: 77021, 77024, 77025, 77026 and 77027.
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Residential locksmith – Makes new keys and replaces door locks fast

Your home is not just a house; it is where you make memories for your children. In many ways it is a part of your family history. Therefore, its security should be maintained. If you want new keys made so that each member of your family gets one we can provide you with the service. We can also change door locks to boost your security. Our locking products are made in America by the companies that maintain the highest standards. Have you experienced a home lockout? No problem. Just call our locksmith to unlock your door professionally.

Commercial locksmith – Locks changed and panic bar installed for security

If you own a business, you are responsible for your employees’ security and also the safety of your customers. While you may have liability insurance to protect yourself in case of litigation, there are things that you can do to minimize casualties. In case of an emergency, for example, it would be nice to have an exit panic bar. This device may look simple, but it can be the difference between safety and injuries by helping your customer exit the building quickly. You could do lock change yourself, but it is best that you have our locksmith install new locks for you.

Automotive locksmith – Help available when locked out of car

Your vehicle is so much of your daily routine that you go in and out of it countless times a week. It is possible to leave keys inside and be locked out of car. If this happens to you, call our mobile locksmith to open the door for you. Do you need new car key fobs because yours are old and the alarm buttons have fallen off? We can supply you with new auto transponder keys that will serve you for the longest time due to their good quality. Our technicians provide our customers with the services they desire such as replace ignition key within a relatively short time. Our car locksmiths are able to respond fast because they are locally based and are mobile.


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